What I Do

Individual Support

Students can meet with me for support and education in any area that may be needed. This could include: adjustment to school, family changes, illness, homework struggles, attendance, organizational skills, trouble with teasing or bullying, feeling left out, anger, sadness, grief/loss, self-esteem building, friendship issues or school behavior. Any and all students can ask for help. Parents and teachers may also refer students for support at any time during the school year.

Small Group Support

Small groups (4-8 students) may form throughout the school year and meet to learn about topics such as: friendship skills, study skills, problem solving skills, conflict resolution, grief, family changes, social skills, coping with change, or handling feelings. Groups typically meet once a week for 6-8 weeks. Activities could include art projects, workbooks, videos, role playing skits and discussion.

Classroom Guidance Lessons

Sometimes students may see me in a classroom setting. Classroom topics for presentations could include school behaviors, bullying, character, respect and responsibility, handling conflict and exploring careers.

Parent Support

In addition to serving the students of Red Rock Central, I can also be a resource to parents who need more information. This could include developmental stages of children and adolescents, referral to a mental health specialist, community resources, individual or family needs, communication with teachers or other school staff or any other resources that will increase your student’s success in school.

How I can help…

If you have any questions, or feel your student could use some extra support at any time during the school year, please feel free to call or email. The earlier a student can receive the help and support for their needs, the better chance of success they will experience.  I look forward to getting to know you and your student this coming school year!