Student Honor Loan Chapter



History:  The Student Honor Loan Chapter originally began over 35 years ago as a Dollars for Scholars chapter.  During this time, Frederick Sahr, a 1927 graduate of Lamberton High School, donated additional funds to assist future graduates.  Since the beginning, 400+ graduates have been awarded over $170,000 in loans and scholarships.  Over $100,000 has been paid back into the fund, which allows future graduates the same opportunity.

Mission:  Assist Red Rock Central graduates with financing post-secondary education.

Funds:  The Student Honor Loan is funded by donors – individuals and businesses in the local area, former graduates, and by the repayment of loans that are awarded to students.

How it works:  Graduates are awarded an interest-free loan.  Parents/students sign a repayment agreement that the money will be repaid once the student enters the workforce.  Monthly payments are acceptable.

If a student is awarded an honor loan, they are also then eligible for another loan once they are in their 3rd year of college.  Students must have completed 5 semesters, and be enrolled for the 6th semester before requesting additional funds.

The amount that is awarded to students each year depends on a number of factors, including the number of honor loan requests, and the financial status of the Student Honor Loan accounts.

Student Honor Loan Scholarship

Student Honor Loan-3rd year application

Committee Members:  The Student Honor Loan committee is made up of members representing all 4 communities in our Red Rock Central district.

Mike Vollmer, President                  Deb Furth                   Tesa Jenniges
Kathy Hillesheim, Secretary              Deb Fredrickson             Rachel Karnitz
Barb Wetter, Treasurer                   Angela Holman               Phil Goetstouwers

Donations:  Are you interested in helping fund the education of our local students?  All donations are tax deductible.  Please send all donations to:

Student Honor Loan Chapter
Barb Wetter, Treasurer
P.O. Box 434
Lamberton, MN  56152