College Planning

Exploring Your Options…

It is never too early to being planning for college.  Some students know exactly what they want to do and where they want to attend college, while others may need more time to explore their options.  The first step in college planning is to look through all the brochures and college catalogs you have been getting in the mail and do some exploring online.  A great place to start is the MN Career Information Site.  Our school purchases a license for our students to access this website.  On this site you can take an interest inventory, research occupations, explore college and military options and create your very own portfolio.

Username: redrock
Password: falcons

Another site that can be helpful is iseek.  This is a free site where you can explore careers, research education options and even search for jobs.


Narrowing Down Your Choices…

Once you have made a list of colleges in which you are interested, the next step is to make a campus visit or visit with the representatives that come to the high school.  Making a campus visit is a great way to get the “feel” of the campus.  You usually meet with an admissions counselor, get a tour of the campus, and hear about the program you are considering.

Juniors and Seniors are encouraged to make campus visits at any time during the year, and it is considered an excused absence from school.  I can set up the appointment for you, or families can set them up on their own and send a note to school.  If you would like me to set up a campus visit for you, please fill out a Campus Visit Form and turn it in to the counseling office.

In order to prepare for your campus visit, think of what you want to find out about each campus that will help you in your decision making process.  Here is list of questions to get you started.  Campus Visit Checklist/Questions

Students are also encouraged to visit with the college and military representatives that visit our high school.  You can check out the schedule in the daily announcements or on our College Rep Visits page

Completing applications…

Most colleges prefer online applications.  You can find this simply by googling your college and looking for the apply online link.  Once you have finished, please let Ms. Karnitz know.  I will send an official transcript to the college. They will not process your application without this information.

Letters of Recommendation…

If you need a letter of recommendation from a teacher, make sure you give them plenty of notice.  Teachers are often swamped with requests and need time to write a well thought out letter about you.  It is a good idea to give your teacher a copy of your resume, transcript, or list of activities so they can write the best letter possible.  If you are unsure about asking a certain teacher, talk to Ms. Karnitz.  I can help you figure out who would be the best person to ask.

Deciding on a Major…

One of the most common questions that gets asked of juniors and seniors is “What are you going to major in?”  If you are like most teens, you probably don’t know quite yet.  One place that might be helpful is MyMajors.  This site has questionnaires and quizzes that are designed to help you discover your interests and match you with a college major and help you find colleges that offer that major.  Check it out!

Students with Disabilities…

There are lots of great resources to support students with disabilities in college.  This process is very different from resources in high school, so check out this informative guide for the best information.