Creating a Better World

On January 11th, our school will be taking part in a presentation by Illusion Theatre from Minneapolis.  Our 2nd-6th grade students will have an interactive program called “TOUCH” that explains personal body safety, and staying safe.  Our 7th-12th graders will hear a presentation called “Keepin’ It Real” which includes information on healthy relationships.  These presentations are being funded by local fraternal organizations and individuals from our community that want to make a difference in the lives in children.  That same evening, we will also be co-hosting Patty Wetterling for all parents, grandparents, friends, neighbors and anyone who would like to attend.  Come and listen to her story and hear how we can work together to make our world a safer place for our children.  For more information, click here.

Update:  This lyceum will now be held on March 15, 2017