Welcome to the 2016-2017 school year!

September 20

Today I start my visits to the elementary classrooms to re-introduce myself and talk about what a school counselor does to help students.  Below is a link to the presentation and story we discussed today.  I typically see the elementary students once a month in their classrooms.  I also work with students individually.  If you have concerns about your child, or have anything you would like to discuss with me, please call or email.  I would be happy to help!

Introducing the School Counselor

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September 16

10th grade: All students will attend the Career Expo at SMSU on October 4th.  We will join 30 other schools from Southwest Minnesota to gain a better understanding of career opportunities that are available right here in our local area.

All 10th grade students will also participate in the Pre-ACT test on October 19th.  This test will help students determine their college and career readiness before they take the ACT test as juniors.  This test also includes and interest inventory that will provide a list of careers that would be a good match for the student based on their interests.

11th grade: Juniors should start exploring colleges this year by visiting with the college reps that come to our school, and by making college visits.  MEA weekend is a great time to do this since we are out of school, and many colleges host open houses.  Check the page titled College Visits and College Fairs to find more information.

12th grade:  Seniors should be in the final phases of college exploration this fall.  Visiting campus, submitting applications and starting the financial aid process are all important things to complete.  I will be meeting individually with all seniors to go over the college application process, but please feel free to stop in or call/email with questions along the way.

September 6

We have a lot of changes this year.  For the most part, my role is still the same.  I will still serve all students K-12.  A bonus for me is that I will no longer be traveling between buildings, so I will have more time to spend with students.

In the beginning of the year, I spend much of my time getting to know our new students.  We are lucky to have several new students this year in all grades.  It is great to see these new faces in our hallways!  I am also visiting all of the classrooms to welcome students back, and talk a little bit about what I do at school.  As students get older, the reasons they come to see me may change, and so I like to remind them of how I can help.